what to do if your vehicle isn’t listed…

If your vehicle isn’t listed on the website then we don’t have the templates of the windows BUT there are three choices.
1. If you are local to us then feel free to book an appointment and bring the vehicle to us on site and we will complete all the hard work for you.
2. Create some paper templates of the windows and mail them to us at the address below.
3. If the windows are square / rectangle then WhatsApp us a diagram including measurements and we will do our best to create your blinds.

VehicleBlinds Ltd
35 Heming Road
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Warehouse Open Monday – Friday, 8am – 3pm

Quickest & Easiest via WhatsApp on:   01527 520 776

Telephone: 01527 520 776

Send us an email – info@vehicleblinds.co.uk